Legislating Morality and history

‘It’s good to be back home again….. sometimes this old farm feels like a long lost friend, I said, hey it’s good to be back home again….’- a few lines from a favourite John Denver song for those unaware. Uni has been going well thus far with fairly consistent A and B range grades (A+ is highest, most things are B+ or A-) so one happy chick here. Home right now is hectic, muddy and wet, and muddy in case you missed it. I do have a 3 month old huntaway pup to love and train and then who will devote the next 10+yrs of his life to me. He is called Chief as in my absence my parents worked out it is one of the few suitable doggy names that doesn’t rhyme with our current doggy collection or any of their commands.

Expect a few more farmy-type posts from me for a while. Here’s something I wrote earlier and haven’t got around to posting….

The government is currently reviewing climate change and a way to make NZ carbon neutral. You all know that I believe climate change is a big political scam. You only need to follow the money to find the big players behind it. Not to mention growing scientific evidence that the planet is actually cooling, CO2 is good for all life, and that carbon is a cycle, methane production in bovines is natural.

Nevertheless, the government believes we must be seen to be doing something, completely oblivious to the economic consequences. I readily admit there should be a balance between environmental and economic sustainability, but taxing farmers who earn the most export dollars is stupid. Before you go saying tourism earns more, keep in mind that tourism barely offsets what we spend overseas ourselves.

This makes it concerning that our oil exports are going to be reduced through no new permits. The government also is floating the idea of taxing fuel vehicles to subsidise electric ones. As I understand it, our electricity grid can’t cope with the large number of cars that would thus be using it. Electric cars also can’t go the distance of gas ones, and when they break down cannot just be towed due to the wheel-engine connection.

The point is you can’t make people behave according to your standards through rules and regulations. Such general, one-size-fits-all policies fail to take into account the people who already are conscious of their actions. People are going to rebel against having every aspect of their lives dictated to them. The current drive to ban plastic, especially single use plastic is never going to work globally. Why? Because people in developing nations are more worried about feeding themselves and providing for family than anything. A far better approach would be to encourage recycling of plastic, re-using containers (we do this a LOT!) rather than an outright ban.


The Government and Money

Each May the Government puts out its budget. In the weeks preceeding this one, we got the doom and gloom message. But some things just don’t add up- we can give $5.5m to the Clinton foundation- and for what- but we can’t subsidise GP visits? We can find over a billion dollars for foreign aid but our own people are struggling? I’m not against helping overseas people, but the numbers don’t add up.

Prior to the election people questioned Labour’s belief that money grows on trees. Now it appears they are out of their depth. They spend I don’t know how many million on free tertiary education, and have stopped allowing permits for one of the country’s biggest export earners- oil drilling. The biggest export earner (farming) is also feeling more than a little threatened.

Now the budget is out, and a pretty good summary can be found here: https://www.nzcpr.com/a-change-in-direction/#more-26204

It seems Labour’s plan is to make life as hard for the general working population as possible, and certainly those who work in the agricultural industry- the backbone of this country’s economy!

Double Standards and Hypocracy

Hey dear readers!

Guess it has been a while since I wrote much on here, particularly anything controversial, but given what I have been studying recently and current events I guess I had to have my say…..
It has been of concern for quite a while now the double standards being blatantly pushed and masqueraded in this country and I want to highlight a few of them.

Recently there was a meeting about oil and gas exploration which attracted a group of protestors- people who arrived there on buses or vehicles run by, you guessed it, oil. UPDATE: Even if they walked there, (which apparently some did),  a number of them would still use oil or products that come from or use oil in their daily lives… Most people don’t realise how many things in our lives contain oil, or are made with equipment using oil….

What about the basic carbon cycle where grass sequesters carbon, cows eat it before putting it back out again where it returns to the ground in a continuous cycle? How is taxing farmers going to stop a natural cycle?

We have a government that for the last 9yrs has sat on opposition benches. Since getting into power they have announced a review panel approximately every 4 days, each which is conveniently going to review the issue for the next 3yrs then report back- by which time we would have had another election. Their slogan should no longer be ‘Let’s do this’ but ‘Let’s Review This’!

Currently we have a month long lead up to the Budget announcement by the Government- a government who is already warning it won’t be good, and is pointing the finger at the previous government. Maybe it is justified, maybe it isn’t. Labour has promised billions of dollars in various enterprises, such as free tertiary education to first year students and planting 1 billion trees. They are currently revising pretty much the entire education system as well. They had promised no new taxes, yet have decided to increase the fuel tax in Auckland. Yet they say it is the previous government’s fault the budget will be tight because funds weren’t directed to basic necessities. Really? How much money has this government already wasted on things other than basics like hospitals, schools and roads? And how do they intend to pay for everything? As it stands, their voters are those that are being hardest hit thanks to basic foods increasing in price due to the minimum wage increase. They would be better lowering the tax rate for minimum wage earners.

It promises to be an interesting year ahead as we see the government scrambling further to try and keep their ‘promises’ when reality hits back.

Meanwhile, here’s a few photos of when I went to the zoo one day during my Easter break….

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Why we do what we do…..

I’ve also been reading a few books set in rural NZ and coupled with the current rural-urban divide, here is a brief explanation of why we do what we do. You will find farming and farm products more environmentally friendly and sustainable than often portrayed.
SAFE and PETA would have everyone believe that farmers regularly and deliberately inflict as much pain and discomfort onto their animals as possible. This is simply not so.


  • Crutching is the process of taking off the wool from around a sheep’s bottom.
  • Shearing is taking off the whole fleece
  • Both involve little discomfort to the animal, with professionals taking less than a minute for crutching, and 2-3 minutes for shearing. Sheep need to have their wool removed otherwise it becomes longer and longer and more and more scraggly, increasing the risk of fly strike (flies laying eggs which hatch into maggots and these start burrowing into the sheep’s skin) – gross I know and hence why we try and prevent it. Shearing also helps the sheep not overheat in summer. Think about it- would you wear a large woollen jacket in 20+ degrees heat? Thought not.


  • Again a fly strike preventive which works most effectively on sheep with around 2-4 weeks’ worth of wool growth. Too much wool stops the dip soaking in as wool is rather water resistant.


  • This prevents hundreds of ram lambs running around and potential in-breeding, or teenage pregnancies.
  • It also provides a protector for fly strike as no tail means less for the poo to stick to and so cleaner bottoms with less options for flies.
  • The earmark is a basic identification tool.
  • Lambs are separated from their mothers for a very short period of time, and within an hour of finishing a paddock, 99% will be mothered up again and off grazing as if nothing had happened. The remaining 1% mother up within another hour. Sheep are often called stupid, but ewes and lambs know to go to the last place they heard or saw each other and wait, and voila- they find each other back. Many times we have seen lambs go straight to their mother after they are docked, have a feed and then disappear off grazing.


  • As with humans we vaccinate to prevent viruses and diseases spreading, such as animals aborting, or getting issues with internal organs such as their livers and kidneys or to prevent blood poisoning.


  • This is done for much the same reason as vaccines- the aim is to have a healthy sheep or cattle beast as healthy = happy. Drenching kills internal parasites.

Someone recently pointed out that SAFE and PETA have very little to say about the introduction of the rabbit virus that is hopefully going to wipe out significant numbers of rabbits in a relatively short amount of time. Now I don’t know a huge amount about this virus but apparently it isn’t the fastest killing process. Why aren’t SAFE and PETA getting upset about the rabbits that will die? Is it because they don’t want to blame the government, or because their real aim is to attack farmers and rabbits are not farmed?

As with many things in life, it pays to look at all sides of a story before simply deciding to jump on some do-good bandwagon that may actually have the opposite effect.

As an aside, I recently added a new page to the blog so please check that out as well. 🙂

While we were sleeping…..

Once again a new year kicks underway, and somehow it is February!? Not quite sure how that one happened…. okay I wrote that sentence awhile back, and now it is closer to the end than start of the month.

Once again I am back in the capital, this time for my 4th and final year of university YAY!!! I am in a different room, same hall. Quite nice and is growing on me. The last few weeks at home were hectic to say the least so uni is probably going to feel like a break. Mind you, after unpacking today I spent 4hrs in the garden here and will do more tomorrow. The place will be shining for everyone’s arrival come Saturday. Over the course of the last few weeks I have drenched nearly 1,500 lambs in one day, shifted a variety of animals, including one rather stupid bull that wasn’t being dangerous, just dumb and not going where he was supposed to, plus there are other farm work to do such as helping muster all the sheep in at various times to be dipped (protected against that horrid fly)….

So what is the political front looking like? Quiet scary actually, especially in light of some of the comments recorded on here: https://www.nzcpr.com/agendas-and-demands/#more-25224

Maybe you don’t feel like reading it all, so here’s a few highlights showing how we are in serious danger of becoming guests in the land our parnets/grandparents/great-grandparents etc came to, fought for, settled and LEGALLY bought into.

  • The former co-leader of the Maori Party Marama Fox revealed as much in an interview in the Listener just before the election.  She described how the path to Maori control of New Zealand would take 12 election cycles to achieve and hinged on te reo becoming compulsory in schools. She said it was all ‘plotted out’: “It would take 36 years – 12 election cycles – for a Maori sovereignty party to share government… it’s a radical vision… but if we believe in it, then we need to march towards it.”
  • For some, their ultimate goal is Maori ownership of New Zealand – as expressed by Tuhoe leader Tamati Krugar in a speech just before Christmas, when he said, “In the distant future there may no longer be Europeans living in Aotearoa, because Europeans live in Europe. That, maybe, in a long distance, the only people you find in Aotearoa are tangata whenua…”

Scary stuff huh?
You can simply write all this off as being fantasy and that it is never going to happen because people aren’t that stupid or greedy. But how many people learnt at kids that in the race between the hare and the tortoise, the latter was the one that won by merely keeping on going while the hare kicked back and slept.

I’d also wonder what the Europeans pushing this separatism think is going to happen when the demands are all met- will they leave the country? If Maori Sovereignty is achieved, will Maori tribes really unite and NZ become a land of peace and happiness? I think not. The same power struggles pre 1840 will merely surface again.

The other scary thing is the current claims to have ALL of our coastline recognised as important it Iwi, with them granted exclusive rights to use the sand and beaches and fisheries. More information can be found here: https://www.nzcpr.com/last-chance-to-oppose-coastal-claims/ and in far better detail than I can manage. Basically we stand a very real chance of losing access to the beaches without paying something, and a very few people could become very, very rich while the rest of the nation becomes very, very poor.

University kicks off in early March, once O-week is done so I will give you more of an update on my papers when I actually know what I am doing…… 😉

Until then, stay safe, and think about what is actually going on round here the media is neglecting to tell you about….